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Do you smell that Tender Juicy Hotdogs?
It is almost here in time for the holidays.

Available November 30!

Place your your pre-orders now....

TJ Hotdogs ADS.png

Here are some new

Recipes & Tips from Hijo Superfoods. 

To live a Super Life

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Mekeni Products 


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Kik's Tamarind 

Kiks Tamarind.jpg

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Miguelitos Ube Buchi Mix

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Hijo Superfood Coco Sugar


Straight from nature and extracted from the highest quality coconut sap from tree in the Philippines. Organic, 100% Natural, Plant-Based, Paleo-Friendly, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Pesticide-Free COCO SUGAR is best for: • Coffee, Teas, Juices and other Beverages • Cakes, Pastries and other .baking products. Loaded with nutrients that fight free radicals. Hijo Superfood Coco Sugar is a healthy sweetener that is natural, delicious and guilt-free.

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Barrio Fiesta Gourmet Series

BF Gourmet Series.jpg

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Gugo Shampoo

Gugo Shampoo Bar

products19 Non Food Gugo Shampoo.jpg
products19 Non Food Gugo Shampoo Bar.jpg

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Bear Brand Milk Powder

Great Taste White Caramel

Products14-1Bear Brand Pics.jpg

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Miguelitos Chocolate Champorado

Miguelitos White Chocolate Chaporado

Miguelitos Ube Champorado

Products6-1 Pics_0003_Miguelitos Ube Cha
Products6-1 Pics_0003_Miguelitos Choco C
Products6-1 Pics_0003_Miguelitos White C
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